The Perfect Pottery Company (Madhya Bharat) Limited

Perfect Pottery Company (Madhya Bharat) Limited is one of the oldest manufacturers of Acid and Heat resisting clay bricks in India. Located at industrial area at Ratlam in state of Madhya Pradesh we sell our products all over Inda as well as export to other countries. Acid Proof (Resisting) Bricks and Tiles are mainly required by chemical industry but can also be used as facial bricks. 

We have two manufacturing units – Perfect Chemical Wares, where bricks are made by traditional method in Down Draft Kilns, fired by coal. Perfect Sanitary Wares, our second unit has latest firing technology with tunnel kiln. Both the units together have a capacity to manufacture 1000 MT of bricks per month. 

A question which many may ask is why use the traditional method which is costly and more time consuming? Well, in our research and after discussions with our users we have concluded that the bricks fired in traditional way are long lasting in comparison to one being fired in Tunnel kiln. Although the price per brick in traditional method is almost 30% on higher side and aesthetically you do not get same colouration but its life is almost two times more making it less expansive in the long run as it saves not only cost but down time of working. Keeping this in mind we have continued with traditional manufacturing method as well so that we can cater to the needs of all our customers. 

So, here we are for all your requirements of Acid Proof (Resisting) Bricks and Tiles. 

Our Head Office -

The Perfect Pottery Co. (Madhya Bharat) Limited

D. B. Vallabh Das Palace,

Hanuman Tal, Jabalpur - 482002 (M.P.)


Contact Person: Mr. Navneet Maheshwari        

Phone Off.: +91 0761 2650174, 2652072

Mobile: +91 9425150892

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Manufacturing units In Ratlam (Madhya Pradesh)

The Perfect  Pottery Company (Madhya Bharat) Limited

  Units - Perfect Chemical Wares, Ratlam

               Perfect Sanitary Wares, Ratlam

Address – 1, Industrial Area, Near Railway Hospital,      

                Ratlam (M.P.) India.

Mobile: +91 - 7489302370

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The best manufacturers and exporters of 

Acid Proof (Resistant) Bricks and Tiles  

as per IS 4860 - 1968

with more than 100 years of experience.