About us


We are successor to THE PERFECT POTTERY COMPANY LIMITED, which was founded in the year 1905 by the renowned industrialists of that age Raja Gokul Das and Diwan Bahadur Vallabh Das of Jabalpur, State of Madhya Pradesh, India. First factory of the company was opened in Gwarighat Road, 6Kms. south of Jabalpur adjoining the clay quarries containing huge deposits of one of the purest clays found in India. From a humble start this factory gradually grew into a large modern works and with time we diverted into industrial refractory manufacturing. 

In furtherance of its expansion programme the parent company sponsored another company namely - PERFECT POTTERY COMPANY (MADHYA BHARAT) LIMITED, as a subsidiary, catering the needs of Central India, Rajasthan, Gujrat and Maharashtra regions, at Ratlam in the year 1952. Now, The Perfect Pottery Co. (Madhya Bharat) Ltd., is an independent company under able guidance of Mr.  Navneet Maheshwari, President of the group. It is well known for Acid Proof Clay Bricks, Tiles and allied products. Here we have 2 production lines, first with coal fired down draft kilns and one with tunnel kiln which enables us to cater to the nee of all kinds of industries. Today we sell our products all over India as well as export to other countries. 

In several branches of production, and also in the industrial furnaces there is an emphatic demand for economical operation, through increased efficiency. Keeping in view the present needs, and with the past 90 years of experience in Refractory, Stoneware, Pottery & Ceramics, the management has modernized its plant to manufacture quality Refractory for use in Steel Plants, Cement, Sugar, Power houses and also in other industries where these have to meet stringent conditions.

For past many years, the company has been under D.G.S.D., New Delhi rate contract for S.W. pipes and has been meeting bulk of the demands of various Government Departments to their entire satisfaction. All Products at the different units of the company are made in accordance to respective standard specifications and enjoy highest reputation for their quality amongst its buyers.

Situated in Ratlam district in the state of Madhya Pradesh (India) we are centrally located for all the consumers in India may it be North, South, East or West. Nearly a century old in line, we started with the collaboration of British experts and technology and have served different type of industries all over India and nearby countries.

We are producing all shapes & sizes of Acid Proof Bricks as well as manufacture special shapes as per customers requirement. Our production is backed up with the strict quality control under highly skilled managerial & technical supervision. We have our own lab where all products are tested on a regular basis which helps us in strict quality control and sell best products to our clients. 

Navneet Maheshwari