Why Us

Perfect Pottery Company (Madhya Bharat) Limited is one of the best manufacturers of Acid proof clay material and there is a reason why we are better from our competitors. Firstly, we have vast experience and are pioneers of what we do and secondly, we do not compromise on quality. 

Some of the reasons why you should choose us are:

Quality control: We follow strict quality control which starts from the raw material itself and goes on to finished products. When raw material reaches our factory, it is checked and tested for impurities and any lot having impurity is immediately rejected so only top-quality clay is used for production. Green bricks are tested for its compactness and flexibility and once they are bone dry, we check that any lot with any kind of small defect like hairline crack is also rejected. Once bricks are loaded in kilns for baking, we keep an eye on the whole process and final products are again checked and separated for quality as first and second class. Finally selected products are sent to lab for testing ISO standards and only when a lot passes the lab test, we send it to the market. 

Regular testing: All materials are regularly tested be it raw material or finished products. We have a full-fledged lab for testing bricks and any lot is passed for sale only once they pass the test. 

Experience: We have more than 100 years of experience in clay work and certainly experience matters. 

Infrastructure: We have one of the best infrastructures for manufacturing acid proof clay material. Our factory is spread over 21 acres having separate sheds for all departments. From machinery to lab everything is checked regularly and defect if any is immediately taken care off. 

Research: We have our own lab and continuous research is done to find better raw material, make better mix and improve the quality of our products. Our lab machines are regularly calibrated so that we get perfect results. 

We are a ISO 9001 certified organization.

We are registered as an MSME with government.